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  • Version 0.1 of Dynamic Links released
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  • Everything is new as of January 23, 2003

"If you're interested in user interfaces, there's a wonderful opportunity these days to push what a user interface can be. If a user interface gives a user some degree of power, try to figure out if you can give the user more power, while still keeping it inspiring and easy to use."

Coding from Scratch: A Conversation with Virtual Reality Pioneer Jaron Lanier, Part One (January 23, 2003)

Project rationale

When we browse the web we want to follow interesting links. Most of the links are assigned to a word or a group of words. However, there are many more words for which we can imagine meaningful links - and unfortunately we have no easy way how to add our links to them.

Traditionally we have to (1) select a word, (2) copy it to the clipboard, (3) optionally open a new browser window (or a tab), (4) paste the word from the clipboard and (5) modify it to get the desired link. Such a procedure doesn't contribute to anyone's smooth browsing experience, so one has to find something grabby to undertake it.

I strongly believe users could and would be much more inquiring, active and productive if they could create their own links very easily.

So what is "Dynamic Links"?

Dynamic Links is a Mozilla extension that can improve your Internet browsing.

Dynamic Links does exactly that.


You can read FAQ, install the extension, send me a feedback or view the source code. There is also one related screenshot.

Have fun with links!


The dynamiclinks project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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