Dynamic Links    


Install Dynamic Links version 0.1 now (and then restart Mozilla).

Alternatively, download Dynamic Links XPI file to install the extension later. How?

[Check that Software Installation is enabled, then] open the file in Mozilla by dragging it to the browser window; by opening it using File | Open File; by typing the location into the location bar; or (in Windows) by double-clicking on the XPI file and telling Windows to open .xpi files using Mozilla. (source)

Note 1: Backup of chrome directory and user profile directory is recommended before making non-trivial changes. Note 2: Sometimes XPI files get created in MS Windows. To function properly for users without root privileges in UNIX-like operating systems a change of file permissions for the jar file in the chrome directory may be needed (all users should have read permission). Mozilla 1.0 Frequently Asked Questions (June 2002) answers the question How do I uninstall something installed from an XPI? in the following way:

There is not yet a method of automatically uninstalling XPIs other than themes. However, when you have uninstalled Mozilla prior to installing a new build, you can manually remove the unwanted XPI.

Here is a description how to completely de-install Dynamic Links manually (even without the need to reinstall Mozilla itself): Your Mozilla installation should be free from Dynamic Links now.


The dynamiclinks project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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