Dynamic Links    


This Mozilla extension creates and/or changes links, so I don't have much to offer here. There's probably just one window to show:

The preferences setup for Dynamic Links

A few notes

The On/Off switch provides an option to completely deactivate Dynamic Links without the need to deinstall it immediately in case it would interfere with other Mozilla extensions. The warning 'On' switch may not work in already opened windows suggests that if Mozilla has been started with Dynamic Links switched off, you cannot activate Dynamic Links in any already opened window (Dynamic Links will only work in windows opened after switching it on or you can restart Mozilla to have Dynamic Links enabled for all windows). I use this somewhat strange workaround to offset one potential Mozilla bug.

User-defined alternative links use string '$$$' which gets automatically replaced with user selection (therefore the first seven links are working examples). The first column offers an option to temporarily deactivate the links without the need to delete them.

The option Number of  DOM  mousemove  events to change a link is a way to define sensitivity - the default value is just empirical value. You can increase or decrease it slightly (higher value would mean your mouse needs to "run longer distance" for the same effect).


The dynamiclinks project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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